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  Voyagers Mail Forwarding Service

About Us

Voyagers Service Inc. (V.S.I.) was created by John Miller and Beth Burlingame. Believe it or not, who met in a sailing discussion group right here on the internet 10 years ago, quit their jobs, bought a sailboat, and spent two wonderful years sailing in the Bahamas & Caribbean as far south as Grenada, in the West Indies. After returning to the landlubber way of life they opened a franchise pack & ship business (similar to Mail Boxes etc.). Combining their past experience as cruisers with our newfound knowledge of worldwide shipping to start a mail forwarding service catering to boaters was a natural. V.M.F.S  now serves as the home away from home for about 300 Voyagers

As great as the Caribbean trip was, there were some hardships along the way. Things  thought of as trivial tasks took on new meaning. Simple things like getting mail, paying a bill on time, finding that occasional spare part for the engine, and keeping in touch with friends and family became suddenly difficult and very costly to deal with. These things were done the hard and expensive way the first time around. There's no reason for you to do the same. Our service is well equipped to handle these needs for you, whether you are gunk holing the Inter Coastal Waterway or facing the challenge of Cape Horn.

We strive to keep your costs to a minimum.  1 (800) phone service (U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and U.S.V.I.) is another way. Our extensive knowledge of mailing and shipping alone can save you a considerable amount of money. Our free toss the junk plan can cut your mail forwarding costs in half.

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